Vierge Moderne

The grungegeneration has turned 40, how did it all turn out? Vierge Moderne is a series that examines this age, the end of youth and the start of the middle-age. 15 women discuss what it means to be a woman right now, right here.

In the essay films (28 min.) five themes are discussed more closely:

Part 1: Body & identity

What does it mean to grow up in a female body, how has it affected us and our identity?

Part 2: Desire

What does desire mean for a generation that grew up with educational programs about the sexlife.

Part 3: Career

The grungegeneration turned 40, but few of them has a steady job.

Part 4: Motherhood

Motherhood is a central part of the lives of women, even if they don’t have kids themselves. What does motherhood mean in our lives?

Part 5: Time

One day you’re 28 and then all of a sudden you’re 42 – and no one seems to understand how it happened.

The films are available on Yle Areena all of 2017, internationally. They were produced in 2016.

The following women appear in the series: Louise Agnesdotter, Marianne Saarikko Janson, Saadia Hussain, Muluken Cederborg, Maria Grundvall, Malin Kivelä, Karolina Ramqvist, Harriet Rautanen, Mikaela Sonck, Sanna Tahvanainen, Sabina Söderlund, Tina Axelsson, Milja Sarkola, Hannele Mikaela Taivassalo and Kristina Alstam.

Directors: Karin Tötterman (Body & Identity, Desire, Time) and Anna Blom (motherhood, career)

Photo: Ditte Uljas, Malin Korkeasalo, Anna Blom and Karin Tötterman

Editor: Dominika Daubenbüchel

Graphic design: Rikard Lassenius

Production: ja! mediaproduction for Svenska Yle/Lotta Wigelius-Wulff.